Mild Replacement Heads (4-Pack)
Mild Replacement Heads (4-Pack)

Mild Replacement Heads (4-Pack)

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Our most popular microderm head, these are designed for dry, oily, or combination skin that requires mild exfoliation.

  • Enjoy gentle yet effective exfoliation benefits with the Mild Replacement Heads (also available in Sensitive & Moderate)
  • Clicks easily into the CrystalSmooth Microdermabrasion wand (not included)
  • Compact size, no batteries, cords or chargers needed. Great for travel!
  • Heads are infused with crystals and a natural mineral powder to easily buff away dead skin cells
  • Share Hope: $1 from your purchase will be donated to victims & survivors of human trafficking 
Used For

General microdermabrasion, buffs away dead skin cells for a smoother complexion. May reduce the appearance of fine lines, spots, and pore size with continued use.


Microderm heads contain aluminum oxide crystals and a natural mineral powder for exfoliation.


For use with the CrystalSmooth Microdermabrasion wand. Use 1-2 times per week to achieve optimal exfoliation benefits



Replacement heads for use with the CrystalSmooth Microdermabrasion wand (not included). Hand-held, skin exfoliation technology intended for home-use to promote smoother skin and better product absorption. This system is quick and easy to use, and takes only 2-minutes one to two times per week.

Invented by a working mom who spent nearly a decade in the aesthetic industry for a major beauty manufacturer, and wanted to create an instant pick-me-up for her skin. Different from other home microderm systems, CrystalSmooth is completely manual and doesn't use vibration or suction. Simply brush the wand across your skin in a small circular motion, similar to a manual toothbrush. No batteries, filters, chargers, or cords required. Easy to travel with or take on the go in a makeup bag.

Number of uses per head varies depending on skin texture (during consumer research, most users indicated 3 uses per head when used regularly once per week). CrystalSmooth is a "product on a mission" to Reveal Beauty & Share Hope- $1 from every pack of replacement heads goes to victims & survivors of human trafficking.